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Welcome to Phong Nha Amanda Homestay

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is one of the most important protected areas in Vietnam. The unique limestone mountains covered in dense jungle hide the largest and longest caves in the world. Many of these have just been found in the past 2 decades with more explorations being done all the time. The UNESCO Heritage-listed National Park is attracting people from around the world to its natural beauty and secluded feeling. Amanda Homestay is set in a natural landscape with stunning mountain views surrounding us. Our family has lived in the Phong Nha area for generations and is passionate about the region. We are happy to help you with all your travel needs.

Our Rooms

Our rooms are spacious, bright and comfortable making for the perfect place to call home on your trip to Phong Nha. All of our rooms come with a private bathroom and large windows facing many lush mountain peaks! You are also welcome to watch the sunset from our rooftop patio or lounge around the pool on your days off from exploring. 

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Many of the caves in this region require a visit with a guided tour as they are dark, secluded, or dangerous. Our full travel agency is here to assist you with any tour that you would like to do. For the caves that you can explore on your own or if you want to head to the Bong Lai Valley, our motorbike and bicycle rentals are perfect.

Explore Phong Nha

Everyone who comes to Phong Nha instantly falls in love. Whether you are into exploring massive caves, lush jungles, or rice field valleys, Phong Nha has it all. As it is not overrun by tourist chains, it has a typical Vietnamese feel with family restaurants and homestays. On a typical walk through town, you will likely come across water buffalo or cows wandering freely. The fields around our homestay have numerous cows, so you may get a wake-up moo when you are lounging around the pool.


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